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Mister Tee MT1200 - Phonecase Pineapple iPhone 7/8, SE

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Mister Tee MT1200

Equipped with this flexible iPhone 8/ SE case made of silicone, you're guaranteed to have loads of fun, and not just because of the funky, fruity pineapple design! The precise fitting case will protect your iPhone 8/ SE reliably from bumps and scratches. The flexible silicone material clings to your smart phone like a second skin the inner surface sticks smoothly, so your iPhone will stay safely inside. Widen it just a bit, let your smartphone slip in and you are ready to go. Incidentally, silicone as a material is very stable even buckling cannot harm it. Of course, all the buttons, functions and input connections of your smartphone will stay fully usable. The phone case comes in a PVC sleeve with black Mister Tee logo.

Composition: 100% Silikon

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